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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Universal Analytics Can Track Sub-Domain Traffic Without Additional Modification

The documentation for Google Analytics when it comes to subdomains is subpar. That document will give you the complex way you needed to deploy changes for "Classic" Google Analytics and tells you to upgrade to Universal it doesn't actually link you to a Univeral Analytics article on the same topic. Leaving you without a solid answer.

"Can I Track Subdomain traffic with the same Universal GA code?"

Here's the answer: Yes.

If you want to track traffic from a subdomain and your main domain in the same profile you can do so without any modification to the tracking code. Just be sure to use the same code.

Example: I wanted to track traffic from:

I just deployed the code and it worked.

FYI-  If you want to see which domain specifically sent the traffic (in cases where your URL/Page Names are similar) then look at the Host Name dimension in your reporting.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What I've Been Doing Online Recently

I thought I'd take a quick moment on my own blog and share some of the posts and projects I've been working on recently.

What have you been up to recently? Anything interesting? Please feel free to share your projects (as long as your not just spammin' me).

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not All SEO is Created Equal - WordCamp 2014 Interview

Better SEO Strategies for Small Business Owners

While at WordCamp 2014 while I was still with Caddis Interactive (now I'm flexing my SEO mojo skills with Ross Jones at one of the top Nashville Web Design companies) I was asked to sit down on a comfy chair and talk to  the incredibly talented Clark Buckner from, they provide coverage content on all sorts of technology software solutions including some of the best dentist software platforms, business intelligence, and EMR software platforms. Be sure to check out their Tech Conference Calendar where he covers major conferences all over the country.

Together we talked about the shared the challenges of implementing effective SEO strategies, especially for small businesses and he was kind enough to provide a recording and a write up about our conversation, so enjoy!

Clark Buckner's write-up of my WordCamp 2014 interview

His expertise converts the sometimes complex and nebulous aspects of search engine optimization into simple and understandable strategies that any small business owner can implement. Unfortunately, much misinformation exists on the Internet about SEO, and he wants to help set the record straight so that well-intentioned small business owners won’t be penalized by Google for strategies they thought would ultimately help their websites rank better.

Jeremy knows the main benefit of smart SEO: small businesses can reach their target market, consequently increasing both leads and sales. These owners understand the need to optimize their websites for search engines, but they often lack knowledge in regards to the many components that are required of a website in order to be search engine optimized.

Because of this lack of knowledge, some companies take advantage of small business owners and sell them on ineffective, and sometimes shady, SEO strategies. Small business owners are then doubly penalized through both the amount of money they may spend with such dubious SEO companies and through lower rankings in Google and other search engines.

Jeremy related that both physical and digital storefronts require a sure foundation and multiple marketing steps before experiencing success. For instance, a business owner needs to obtain the right domain name, select solid hosting, create content (or outsource its creation), decide what products or services to highlight, and ensure that possible customers can find their site. SEO helps customers find businesses, but each step takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight and it cannot be gamed.

Unfortunately, Google has not made it easy for small businesses. Local search remains convoluted and confusing. Consequently, he stressed the importantce thing for small businesses is to become an organic part of Google search through keen SEO strategies.

On an interesting side note, JeremyRivera’s been known to trade SEO help in exchange for such items as a custom-tailored suit or a hot dog. This resonated with me because I’m also a trade deal enthusiast.

Listen to his full interview below for more about SEO for small businesses, the importance of building relationships, how he found his way to Nashville (or rather how Nashville found him), and what it was like moving to Nashville in an epic, cross-country, three-day road trip with his (seriously nauseated and pregnant) wife, along with their cat and dog.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SEO Toolbox: BuzzSumo Author Search

So I actually clicked into the Promotion tab on Gmail this morning and saw something from James Blackwell of Buzzsumo announcing a new feature. I've recently fallen in love with using the tool when I am building up a target list for outreach based campaigns and authority building. So any new features should be handy.
We're excited to announce a new search operator (author:Name) in BuzzSumo that allows you to find the most engaging posts written by any person. If you do a Top Content search, next to most articles is a byline with the author name.

You can view other articles written by that same author by clicking on their name. Or alternatively, by doing a search using the author operator. The author operator is author:Name (ie. author:Lee Odden - click to test now). There are several useful things you can do with this feature.

Such as finding influential authors to promote your content. If you're doing a search for "content marketing", and find a really engaging article, click on the author's name to see a list of articles they've written. You can then see what topics that author typically writes about, other popular sites they write for, and whether their articles receive a lot of engagement. If you're searching on a very common name like "Adam Smith", you can choose to not show articles from specific domains using negative operators. For instance, if you wanted to see articles written by Adam Smith" that aren't from, you'd search for "author:Adam Smith"

Let us know on Twitter what you think of this feature, or of BuzzSumo in general (and mention @BuzzSumo). We'll send a random person a free $5 Starbucks gift card!
Okay, that's a pretty nice little social mention tactic btw. Just thought I'd point that out.

Additional Uses and Ideas

I thought I'd check in with Buzzsumo and James Blackwell to see if they'd share some additional tips and tricks for seos to try out with the tool and they did not disappoint! 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to SEO the CRAP out of Wordpress by Jon Henshaw

Here's a link to the keynote powered presentation, seriously anyone who is still using Powerpoint needs to take some lessons from here.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Incomplete List Of Resources For SEO In The Outdoor Industry

It's no secret that the Franklin, TN digital agency where I work has a number of clients in the outdoor industry. We've got a few clients who (shameless plug!) sell hunting broadheadshunting blinds or have an online hunting show so we have had our hands full with marketing in this unique niche. What's interesting is that in comparison to many other niches and industries there's very little written about using online marketing tactics for outdoor sites and clients.

The Great Outdoors. There are so many sites and products that cater to hikers, hunters, adventurers but so little out there for online marketers who are trying to make a difference. Let's change that.
This could be due to the nature of the industry with it's very outdated sites and an older demographic with a smaller budget who aren't at the cutting edge of marketing or it could just be SEOs and marketers in this niche not sharing what they know for fear of it being used by a competitor. I've always felt that it's better to share ideas, even if they do get seen by competitors, because it spawns innovation. So here's a stab at sharing some resources and examples that might help if you have a site or client that sells hunting gear, hiking gear or is part of the "great outdoors".


Thoughts on The Outdoor Industry

"I think the outdoor industry is a good example of the two extremes when it comes to marketing online. There are some terrible efforts in both inbound marketing and social, and then there are exemplary examples where you strive to build something of such high quality (like REI). A couple of helpful articles discussing how REI is killing it I've noticed that many of the smaller outdoor industry companies (speaking mostly to the climbing and backpacking communities) do really well with social media, but don't focus on other aspects like site optimization, SEO, etc. They tend to be very active on social media, responding to customers and building some really solid relationships with influencers." - Alex Ramadan
"I don't work in that niche specifically but from an outreach perspective have found lots of related sites in that niche very receptive to working with outreach consultants. Survival sites, gun sites etc etc - lots of fans that are very eager for good content so the 'links' part of your SEO shouldn't prove too difficult." Steve Brownlie of
"With some creativity in adapting them, good content ideas can be applied to a lot of industries. If you're finding that design in this industry is poor, how well do you think a well-designed infographic covering hunting seasons across the country would do? Need another one? What are differences between countries when it comes to hunting, as far as game, licenses/permits, weapons allowed, etc? The value of any resource comes down more to the execution than the topic, but the REI links boil down to: make detailed video covering a specific topic in your industry, write an article surrounding it, link to relevant products on your website. That's the same thing Moz does for Whiteboard Friday, so it's not some secret tactic no other industry has never discovered, it's just an evergreen one that's been adapted to address a specific audience as far as the content." - Signature 9

Case Studies and Sites Worth Considering

Sharing is Caring: What About You?

How about you dear reader? Do you have any examples to share or case study posts to consider? I don't mind a if they're your client or not, really just want to get a good sampling of useful examples.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Raven Tools gets Linkedin

Linked in meets Raven Tools
Boom! Now you can manage Linkedin from within Raven Tools

If you don't know, Raven Tools kicks ass. They do SEO, Content, and Social media tools already. So it's even better when they expand their service without increasing the price. You should know that there's great news for your social media management because you can now manage and report on LinkedIn marketing with Raven Tools. Your life just got more simple.

  • Schedule and add images to posts
  • You can now add unlimited LinkedIn accounts
  • Post to a profile, company page or a group
  • Report on company or profile metrics
Linked in Metrics
See Metrics over specific time periods

Monitor Groups in Linkedin
Monitor Groups in Raven

Linkedin Posting from Raven
Schedule and manage posts in your Stream

See post and profile details from Linkedin
See details and profile information

Build reports for Linkedin Activity
Build out reports for Linkedin activity

Create and Schedule Group posts for linkeding
Create Group Posts

Report Linkedin Metrics
Report Linked Metrics

Schedule your Linkedin Posts

What's next for Raven Tools? 

Great to have another big network available, here's hoping that the next one in the works is Google Plus!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Joe Hall - SEO AMA on Reddit

Joe Hall - SEO Extroadinaire

Joe Hall Ama on Reddit = Awesome

Hurry up and jump on this Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Joe Hall is a consumate professional and already answered quite a few of my own questions about paginated pages, breadcrumbs, authorship and seo crawl tools.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Bacon Pancakes with Jake in 3D

The Original GIF of Jake makin' and tossing his famous Bacon Pancakes was made by and it's AWESOME.

Makin' 3d Bacon Pancakes

I took the original GIF of Jake from Adventure Time flippin' his bacon pancakes and threw it into photoshop. Being a newbie it took forever to add the layers, and edit the white lines so Jake was over them and the pancake going in front then behind it to give a feeling of depth like other "3d GIF"s I've seen.
This GIF inspired me to try my hand at 3d GIFs.
So what do you think? I had to obviously flip the white lines to horizontal...did that limit the effect?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thanks for the Free T: Unbounce

Too often, we don't take time to say a proper thank you. I wanted to do that, stop and take the time to put up a short post saying thank you to Unbounce for sending me a free t-shirt in return for sending them a silly photo with the #unstockable hashtag.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Energize: Beam Us Up SEO Crawler Review

When you're exploring the vast reaches of the internet and need to determine if you should send an away team to repair the damage to a floating derelict of a website that you're auditing or if you should just launch a few photon torpedos and start over it helps to have the right sensors to detect exactly what the problems are on site.

Beam Us Up : A Web Crawler

It's too tempting to avoid the cliched overuse of trek metaphors, so please forgive me if they end up sprinkled generously in this top to bottom overview of the web crawler Beam Us Up. I have already looked at quite a few other other web crawlers so let's see how this one stacks up.
Beam Us Up
What is a SEO Web Crawler? It's a program that mimics spidering programs used by Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to discover content and pages. You can use it to uncover issues on your site that should be fixed so you can give the highest level of access to those programs and improve your organic search results.
Beam Us Up is a Java based program, so look for the .JAR file

Error Detection

Error Detection - Beam Us Up
Error Detection in an overview list
Glaring errors show up in a clickable list, which updates the main biew section with those errors. These range from duplicate meta, page, and tiles to header and status errors.
Error Details in Beam Us Up
Unfortunately the link wasn't clickable on Mac or PC
The error detail link isn't working which isn't to large a problem because the error status names are pretty clear, but it is a small bug on both versions.

Crawl depth

There is now a crawl limit of 2.5k on the most recent version, but that should be more than enough depth for all but the larger ecommerce sites. The good news on crawl depth is that the "new version will be out in the new year allowing for more."


There's 3 ways to export the contents, which is handy if you just are looking for a list of URLS vs a full list of everything found.
Export URLS - Beam Us Up
All files export is .CSV by default
Here's an export of my crawl of the Caddis website: URLs All

OS Compatability

The Mac and Linux version are still downloadable in a .ZIP file that expands into a
Windows specific version just released
Mac <- Download link (Mac specific DMG version coming soon)
Linux <-Download link

Be aware: You will get a warning on PC that the source is not trusted, as it's not digitally signed.


I've done a few reviews of other web crawlers, and I'd say that Beam Us Up is beyond Xenu and on it's way to be on par with Screaming Frog. In this arena, there are some basics a crawler needs to do to be useful and Beam Us Up has that but as of yet not too much more. I look forward to seeing what unique abilites will be added in future versions given how useful the HTAccess wizard tool listed on the site was for me, perhaps a client friendly report output that only Raven Tools site auditor has so far in the seo crawler world.

What do you think is missing from these crawling tools currently that would make them stand out from the crowd?

Monday, December 9, 2013

What Is Raven Tools Video

What is Raven Tools Video Is Pretty Cool

Good work Raven Tools! I really like that you built out a video that isn't powered by screenshots.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Adventure Time GIFs I've Made

Adventure Time - Phil Face- Put that bag back on
"You’re beautiful girl! You live in the forest, so why don’t you just let it hang out?" Episode 5, Season 2 "Storytelling"

Adventure Time: Gunter Love
Gunter in loves being sung to by the Ice King. Episode 25, Season Four "I Remember You"
Giant guy getting junked up so hard he vomits up Jake. Episode 5, Season One "The Enchiridion!"

That's one many minotaur! Episode 5, Season One "The Enchiridion!"

Manlish man and the Key-per in his devil jammies. Episode 5, Season One "The Enchiridion!"